In 2016, I built a product line and company, Thermasi; we offer products, all born from my original furnace concept that utilizes mass, infrared and special design features.
• Thermasi Northern and Southern Residential Furnace; Northern to accommodate colder climates like Michigan, and Southern to accommodate more temperate climates like Florida.
• Thermasi Boiler System, which also utilizes mass, has a much different run characteristic than conventional boilers today.
• Thermasi Hybrid System can be hooked to the grid, solar, wind, energy bike, hydroelectric, or grid-tie to be compatible with all possible current forms of energy.
• Thermasi PGU (Power Generating Unit), is in development. We are looking to bring this to market by 2020 as all the testing has shown promising results.
Thermasi is excited to have satisfied the consumer and commercial equation – heating that provides comfort, efficiency and safety.