It’s common sense… Less energy consumption means it cost less to heat your home!


It’s a verifiable FACT! Up to 41% in energy saving while heating your home!


We have options to cover both Northern and Southern climates!


Our mission is to change the conventional way you heat your home, which can be inefficient and causes tons of pollution. A Thermasi Furnace can drastically cut greenhouse gasses and save energy in the process.

Customizable Efficiency =
Money Saved, Increased Margins and Good Common Sense.


Thermasi furnaces are designed to be either new construction installs or as a direct replacement for typical residential furnaces.

Thermasi Furnaces use up to 41% less energy than a traditional electric furnace. This claim was verified by UL through their scientific rigorous process, and makes the Thermasi Furnace instantly distinct from traditional furnaces.

Traditional open coil electric heating technology is over 100 years old. Here to disrupt this old technology is Thermasi; utilizing principles of thermal mass, control algorithms, special proprietary design features, modularity, scalability, and efficient energy usage – just to name a few.

As an example, a typical 2,000 square foot home with a traditional conventional electrical furnace, utilizing a 20-25kw heat kit, may show a power consumption of 80 – 100+ amps. In comparison, that same sized home with a Thermasi system would only require 42-45 amps of power to achieve the same amount of heat.

Thermasi Furnaces encompass Mass, Infrared Heat, and Special Design Features that are built within the furnace to capture and create more usable heat with less energy!

Thermal Mass – Once a mass is heated up, it remains heated far longer than traditional open coil heating systems and requires significantly less energy to remain hot.

Infrared Heat – The Thermasi Furnace features the ability to control the heat energy within the “infrared spectrum” in numerous ways to capture all the heat produced and use it in a more efficient manner.

Special Design Features – The modularity/scalability is possible due to the stack-ability of the heating chambers; one heating chamber is good for up to 1000 square feet in certain scenarios. In some applications unlike conventional electric heating system, the Thermasi furnace can stack one or more heating chambers on the return side of the fan providing more flexibility than conventional systems.

Thermasi Furnaces offer customizable efficiency to accommodate any climate and heating requirements.